O.MG Adapter

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The O.MG Adapter is a hand made USB adapter with an advanced implant hidden inside. It is designed to allow your Red Team to emulate attack scenarios of sophisticated adversaries. O.MG Adapters & Cables will allow you to test new detection opportunities for your defense teams. They are also extremely impactful tools for teaching and training.

As with all O.MG Devices you use a web browser to control everything. DuckyScript payloads are 1-click deployment. The Type C connector is the active side, so this is where payloads will transmit from. When not transmitting payloads, O.MG Adapter supports USB 2.0 data passthrough functionality while the O.MG implant stays undetectable to the host. Be sure to get an O.MG Programmer if you don't already have one, it is required for setup. 

For mobile payloads, the O.MG Adapter will behave as an OTG adapter: plug the Type C connector into a compatible mobile device and deploy! 

Due to the advanced capabilities of the O.MG Adapter, regulations require that they are shipped "deactivated". An O.MG Programmer lets you activate them using an easy 3 step web-browser utility. The programmer will also allow you to upgrade to the latest firmware, and recover if you lock yourself out. The O.MG Programmer is universal for all O.MG Devices, so you only need one for all your O.MG Cables, O.MG Adapters, and O.MG Plugs.




O.MG Adapter Tier Basic Elite
Keystroke Injection (DuckyScript™)
Mouse Injection
Payload Slots 8 50-200
Payload Speed 120 keys/sec 890 keys/sec
WiFi Triggers
FullSpeed USB Hardware Keylogger
HIDX StealthLink
Encrypted Network C2
Extended WiFi range
Stealth-Optimized Power Draw


O.MG Features

  • Easy WiFi Control
    Full control with your web browser. Desktop or mobile.
  • Keystroke Injection
    Instant DuckyScript payloads. No compiling, just click run!
  • Lots of Payload slots
    Basic model comes with 8 slots. Elite has extra storage allowing up to 200 slots!
  • Global Keymaps
    With 192 keymaps already built in, you can target machines across the world.
  • Built in IDE
    The WebUI not only provides 100% of the controls, but also gives you helpful feedback to catch syntax errors while rapidly building payloads.
  • Mobile Payloads
    Cables with a USB-C active end, or Directional C to C, can automatically transmit to mobile devices with a USB-C connector. Connect just the active end!
  • Stealth
    The implant stays dormant until a payload is deployed. No logs. No detections. The cable behaves just like a normal USB 2.0 cable. (5v charging, 480mps data transfer) Spoof any USB identifer (VID/PID), extended USB Identifier, and network MAC address.
  • Hardware Keylogger
    Elite models contain a passive hardware keylogger designed for FullSpeed USB keyboards with detachable cables. Store up to 650,000 keystrokes. For tested keyboards & more info go here.
  • HIDX StealthLink
    Elite models: setup a bidirectional tunnel from Target Host > O.MG > Control Machine.
  • Encrypted Network C2
    Elite models: Use an encrypted connection to access & control your O.MG from anywhere. Then disable the onboard WebUI to hide and protect your O.MG on untrusted networks. Compatible with any server that runs python.
  • Self-Destruct
    Make your legal team happy by ensuring sensitive payloads & loot are gone, and the O.MG Cable is fully inert. (recoverable with O.MG Programmer)
  • Geo-Fencing
    Trigger payloads or other actions based on location. Keep your tool from falling out of scope! Ex: self-destruct if someone takes the O.MG Cable home.
  • WiFi Triggers
    Trigger payloads at long range with a single beacon.